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Through The Door is the production company behind Epic Adventures - a criss-cross of digital shenanigans and real world old fashioned gluey fingers. Basically an ecosystem of awesomeness...

...of digital books, paper books and activities. Designed for kids… those digital natives... who may be struggling to discover the beauty in stories they can read by themselves. 

By capturing the attention of a generation hooked on technology, a generation that is becoming more averse to actual play, we’re looking to free the spirit of adventure in every child and unleash it within the worlds we’ve created. Our aim? To make the future just a little bit better. One step at a time. Creating balanced individuals with an outlook on life that is truly EPIC.

We are proud to announce our first product. 
Available from the App Store and Google Play

Oscar & Hugo's Epic Adventures: Havoc in a Hippo

The simplest things can be made into an adventure… if you view them the right way.

Sometimes you need the tools to do this, other times you may need a little push though a magic door to help you…
Get epic!
Whether you're an investor, a brand partner, an agent, publisher, retailer, or someone who is just plain happy to evangelise about Epic Adventures, now is the ripest of times to be involved. Get in touch and let's start the conversation.
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